Protecting styling


So I decided to style my hair and went with the good old box braids. It’s great for protective styling and looks good in general.

My sister braided y hair so it was free lol and so far, it has made my life so much easier. I’m a lot less stressed when I get ready to go places, and keeps my hair free from breakage and I don’t have to worry so much about washing and products everyday.

More importantly, it allows my hair to grow!

Hope you like it, and I totally recommend braids. Ill write a lot more in depth post about protective styling, but just wanted to let you all
Know I’m still very much here lol ­čÖé



during transitioning - new hair pics coming soon :)

during transitioning – new hair pics coming soon ­čÖé

I used to avoid wash days because of the black hair myth (my hair can’t get wet…water, the black hair┬ákryptonite┬áetc…) but after reading a few blogs and thinking about this, I realize that that doesn’t even make sense lol that’s like saying I won’t drink water then wandering why you’re dehydrated. Hair needs water!

I usually wash my hair on a Saturday morning (Sometimes I wash again during the week if I have to ie. after a particularly sweaty training session or obv. when my hair gets dirty.) So lets get started!

I start with the egg treatment:
1 tablespoon mayo
1 tablespoon olive oil

I message it gently into my hair and scalp and really take my time with this one. When you read blogs, they talk about parting hair into sections before washing, but at this stage, you cant really part 2inch hair lol so I tend to just start at the back massaging my way forward.


Again, a lot of patience is required if you want to make sure you get every strand. I try to avoid combing my hair when its wet but will occasionally use a wide tooth comb to go through all my hair gently to make sure its all covered. If I even feel like im about to tug a hair, I stop, de-tangle with my hands and then comb through it.

Once im happy my hair is coated, I put a plastic bag over my hair (the struggle is real folks lol). I usually keep it on for about 20-30mins while I do my chores lol As someone who can drag out cleaning my room for upwards of 4 hours – I can be REALLY slow lol – Knowing I have hair to wash makes me rush lol.

I wash my hair with cold water – so the egg doesn’t cook (disaster!) but do add a little bit of hot water so I don’t get a brain freeze again – true story lol.

I lightly dab my hair dry with a towel and then condition.


I use Dove conditioner (damage therapy range) ┬ábecause it’s a product my hair has always responded well to. I love the feel and look of it afterwards. Its a conditioner you leave in for about 5-7mins, and then wash out.

I then wrap a cotton tshirt around my head to soak up the excess water.

If I have somewhere to be, I will blow dry my hair using Organic Root Stimulator heat protector and with the hair dryer on a low setting.

If it’s a day I have more time, I use Argan Oil as my sealant and┬ámoisturiser┬á and let it air dry. My hair tends to fall into it’s natural curl pattern, and to style, I usually just add a cute headband or scarf.

And┬áthat’s┬ápretty much it ­čÖé

On the days that I have to wash  my hair during the week, I use Dove damage therapy 2 in 1shampoo and  conditioner. I massage it into my hair and scalp and only have to leave it in for about 5mins before washing out.


As a sealant, I use my Texture My Way Easy Comb as I usually do every day, and then air dry it.

Here is a lovely article about air drying tips ­čÖé

But thats pretty much it for my wash day ­čÖé Happy Growing Folks ­čÖé

My products – good and bad

One of the hardest things about growing hair is finding products that are right for you. Personally, I have been trying a lot of different things and here are my favourites (and not so faves) so far:

Home made egg treatment:
2 eggs
1 tablespoon mayo (heat)
1 tablespoon olive oil

Sometimes the best products are the simplest ones, and this treatment is a great example of that. If my hair could hug me for using this stuff, I imagine it would lol. Egg treatments leave my hair feeling soft and easy to comb and style. and I find them both gentle and effective. The best part is that most people have these products in their kitchen anyway so it doesn’t cost you a bomb and is about as natural as natural gets.

Natty Jojoba oil:
This is my new┬áfavourite┬áproduct. It costs around ┬ú2.49 for 4oz, and is one of the best things I have discovered for my hair. ┬áI go through a bottle a month and have found that my hair responds really well to it. My hair stopped falling out almost instantly when I started using it daily, and I think the consistency is perfect because it isn’t too liquidy (yes, I make up words lol) but it isn’t too much like a hard gel either. I really love this product and will definitely keep using it.

Texture my hair easy comb:
I purchased this product recently and have only used it for a couple of days. It really does to what it says on the tin! It instantly made my hair softer and easier to comb through, and it smells GORGEOUS! At £2.99 a bottle, I honestly hope this product works well on my hair because I love it so much already lol . I am going to trial it for a month and then see what happens. This is essentially what I use on a daily basis.
Hawaiian Silky Argan oil:
Another product I am in love with! It instantly made my hair soft and manageable and another delicious smelling product. I have been reading about this oil for a while so was happy when the guy where I buy my
Products offered me a free sample. I use this as a sealant after a wash day (next post), and will probably go back and purchase it next week for the next wash day ­čÖé

But it hasn’t been happy sailing all along! Some products have left me with a less happy feeling lol and they are…..


Organic root stimulator hair repair
I bought this product on a whim and decided to give it a go. It was £1.99 for 4oz.
In all honesty, I am not a fan. It is really oily and seems like a product that just sits on your hair and doesn’t actually penetrate. As a competitive cheerleader, I come in close contact with people. and theres nothing worse that leaving oil stains on my stunt group all training session! Even the headrest on my car knows I used this product today because it’s soaked lol. Can’t even touch my hair at the moment for fear I will leave more stains on anything I touch lol. ┬áI will keep using it in smaller qualities and might dilute it with a of water, but I don’t anticipate I will be purchasing this product again unfortunately. In fact, I think I will be avoiding all organic root stimulator products from now on.

I used to use their relaxer before transitioning and it never really straightened my hair. I used it because they said it was gentler than others, but looking back, it might have been the lesser of evils but I suppose a ‘gentle relaxer’ is a bit like saying a ‘gentle murderer’ lol. Sure its gentle….but im still dead…you know?

One product I did like was the liquid mousse that came in the pack. It was amazing to me at the time because it did what it was meant to do and even made my hair feel soft, but again, in hindsight, that was relaxed hair lol
649_Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil-wrap-set-mousse-7oz_124934_raw[1]

I decided to try their wrap set mousse as I’ve never been a fan of hair gel. I thought this product would be alright because its quite light and I had liked the liqued version. Turns out , like many of their other products, this one dried my hair out as well. I’m on the fence about using it in small qualities now, and will let you know at the end of the month ­čÖé


Root stimulator hair mayonnaise 
Before I noticed the link with these products and my hair lol, ┬áI gave this product a good try. Again, it dried out my hair and left it with a texture I didn’t recognize nor did I like very much! Think im going to stick to my tried and tested method of homemade egg mayo treatment.

Pro Sheen hot oil treatment
Yuck lol There are no words to fully describe how horrendous this product is on my hair. It dries it out instantly and the texture feels a lot like steel wool lol I can’t describe it but I gave it a shot twice and decided this wasn’t a product for me. Never again!

Transitioning :)




So if you have been trying to read blogs, you will see a lot of things about big chops (cutting your hair and starting from scratch)  and transitioning (stopping chemical straightening and waiting for the natural hair to grow out).

Having always cut my hair short (I always got bored of it and reached for scissors) I decided I didn’t have the patience or heart to wait for it to grow from scratch again so decided I would transition.

Transitioning for me didn’t take very long because I had last relaxed my hair in October so by the time I decided to go natural back in┬áJanuary┬á I was essentially half way through the transition (on average it takes most people around 6months to transition).

In fact, the only problem was that the relaxed hair started to stand out a lot more against my natural texture and was about 4inches while the rest was about 2inches lol. I looked straight crazy – especially considering the side hairs were longer that every other part lol.

Bantu knot outs changed my life! (will post instructions and pictures later when I do mine again)

A lot of people talk about this style, but it tends to be those with longer hair. I learned through trial and error that this was perfect for those 2inch tresses, but you have to be patient with it, and use smaller sections of hair. It takes about an hour to do my whole head, and I usually keep the bantu knot in for two days or so and then untwist on the third.

Its a life saver for short hair, and all you need is a few accessories to finish the look (see image above). That is how I wear my hair for work at the moment.

So what am i using and what is wash day like? Thats coming up next ­čÖé

My HairStory

Welcome to black girl growing hair. This is my online diary about growing my hair and dispelling the myth that black girls hair just doesn’t grow – a myth even I have believed and used to tell people who asked why my hair was so short!

One of the reasons I started this is because all the blogs I find on this topic seem to be written by people who already know what it takes to grow gorgeous long hair and invest a lot of money and time in growing their hair. I’m hoping to help girls like me who are on a tight budget and are just learning how to grow their hair as they go along.

My Hairstory

When I was younger, my hair was always around eye length. But for the most part, I always cut my hair. I suppose I’ve always thought it was too high maintenance and life was just easier when I had short hair (about 2inches long)

Over the years I would braid it, weave it, cornrow it etc but the Minute it was out, I was running for the scissors.

But I always wanted long hair. Weaves bothered me simply because it wasn’t my hair. I wanted hair I could comb through, that someone could run their hands through, and I didn’t have to cover any tracks. And lets face it, we can’t all afford brazillian hair. I have bills to pay!

In 2012 I decided to become a flight attendant. All I wanted was to be able to do my hair in a bun lol weaves achieved this but I hated the idea of always having to have them redone. I wanted to relax on my days off without constantly going back and forth to hair salons and working it into my schedule.

So here we are! 2013 and its time to look after my locks. My hair growth over the last 6months (since I last cut it) has been amazing. My hair keeps growing and its getting thicker every day. So now I’m fighting the urge to cut it again and just want to see how it goes. I’ve never really taken good care of it but this time round, I want to do it right.

In my next post, I will talk about my new ritual, but thought I would do an intro quickly first just to give a bit of background.

Happy growing folks ­čÖé

Back in the game:)

It’s been a while since I posted on here and I apologize. I was struck down by a mystery illness for about 6weeks so have been recovering from that. I got to a point where I was so sick I didn’t even have the energy to eat, nevermind grease my scalp lol But im all better now, and back on the ball.

So an update for the time I was away:

By April, my hair had grown an inch and was doing well, I had beautiful little curls all over, my hair looked healthier than it had in a while and I was happy with it all….but then I got sick! For 6weeks, I was basically bedridden, and just getting out of bed felt like climbing a mountain. So I stopped looking after my hair.

By the end of April, I was back where I started. So I decided to start afresh. So here we go!

On May 1st, I cut the last of my relaxed hair off – i looked straight crazy lol I had two inch long hair all around yet 4inch sides lol it was weird. My old mentality wanted to hold on to those 4inces for dear life lol but I looked like a mental┬ápatient┬á and styling was almost impossible because they stood out so much lol.

At the moment, my hair is at about 2 and a half inches on average, and sadly it’s very dry. I hear that crispy sound when I scratch my head or rub my fingers through my hair lol. I’m trying to work out how to moisturize it and more importantly, retain moisture without using an entire bottle of hair grease – what I would have done in the past!

I have found some products that I’m loving so look out for my next post where I run through ┬á ┬áthem. I am happy to be well enough to be getting back in a ritual, and back on here ­čÖé

Happy growing folks!