Transitioning :)




So if you have been trying to read blogs, you will see a lot of things about big chops (cutting your hair and starting from scratch)  and transitioning (stopping chemical straightening and waiting for the natural hair to grow out).

Having always cut my hair short (I always got bored of it and reached for scissors) I decided I didn’t have the patience or heart to wait for it to grow from scratch again so decided I would transition.

Transitioning for me didn’t take very long because I had last relaxed my hair in October so by the time I decided to go natural back in January  I was essentially half way through the transition (on average it takes most people around 6months to transition).

In fact, the only problem was that the relaxed hair started to stand out a lot more against my natural texture and was about 4inches while the rest was about 2inches lol. I looked straight crazy – especially considering the side hairs were longer that every other part lol.

Bantu knot outs changed my life! (will post instructions and pictures later when I do mine again)

A lot of people talk about this style, but it tends to be those with longer hair. I learned through trial and error that this was perfect for those 2inch tresses, but you have to be patient with it, and use smaller sections of hair. It takes about an hour to do my whole head, and I usually keep the bantu knot in for two days or so and then untwist on the third.

Its a life saver for short hair, and all you need is a few accessories to finish the look (see image above). That is how I wear my hair for work at the moment.

So what am i using and what is wash day like? Thats coming up next 🙂


My HairStory

Welcome to black girl growing hair. This is my online diary about growing my hair and dispelling the myth that black girls hair just doesn’t grow – a myth even I have believed and used to tell people who asked why my hair was so short!

One of the reasons I started this is because all the blogs I find on this topic seem to be written by people who already know what it takes to grow gorgeous long hair and invest a lot of money and time in growing their hair. I’m hoping to help girls like me who are on a tight budget and are just learning how to grow their hair as they go along.

My Hairstory

When I was younger, my hair was always around eye length. But for the most part, I always cut my hair. I suppose I’ve always thought it was too high maintenance and life was just easier when I had short hair (about 2inches long)

Over the years I would braid it, weave it, cornrow it etc but the Minute it was out, I was running for the scissors.

But I always wanted long hair. Weaves bothered me simply because it wasn’t my hair. I wanted hair I could comb through, that someone could run their hands through, and I didn’t have to cover any tracks. And lets face it, we can’t all afford brazillian hair. I have bills to pay!

In 2012 I decided to become a flight attendant. All I wanted was to be able to do my hair in a bun lol weaves achieved this but I hated the idea of always having to have them redone. I wanted to relax on my days off without constantly going back and forth to hair salons and working it into my schedule.

So here we are! 2013 and its time to look after my locks. My hair growth over the last 6months (since I last cut it) has been amazing. My hair keeps growing and its getting thicker every day. So now I’m fighting the urge to cut it again and just want to see how it goes. I’ve never really taken good care of it but this time round, I want to do it right.

In my next post, I will talk about my new ritual, but thought I would do an intro quickly first just to give a bit of background.

Happy growing folks 🙂

Back in the game:)

It’s been a while since I posted on here and I apologize. I was struck down by a mystery illness for about 6weeks so have been recovering from that. I got to a point where I was so sick I didn’t even have the energy to eat, nevermind grease my scalp lol But im all better now, and back on the ball.

So an update for the time I was away:

By April, my hair had grown an inch and was doing well, I had beautiful little curls all over, my hair looked healthier than it had in a while and I was happy with it all….but then I got sick! For 6weeks, I was basically bedridden, and just getting out of bed felt like climbing a mountain. So I stopped looking after my hair.

By the end of April, I was back where I started. So I decided to start afresh. So here we go!

On May 1st, I cut the last of my relaxed hair off – i looked straight crazy lol I had two inch long hair all around yet 4inch sides lol it was weird. My old mentality wanted to hold on to those 4inces for dear life lol but I looked like a mental patient  and styling was almost impossible because they stood out so much lol.

At the moment, my hair is at about 2 and a half inches on average, and sadly it’s very dry. I hear that crispy sound when I scratch my head or rub my fingers through my hair lol. I’m trying to work out how to moisturize it and more importantly, retain moisture without using an entire bottle of hair grease – what I would have done in the past!

I have found some products that I’m loving so look out for my next post where I run through    them. I am happy to be well enough to be getting back in a ritual, and back on here 🙂

Happy growing folks!