Transitioning :)




So if you have been trying to read blogs, you will see a lot of things about big chops (cutting your hair and starting from scratch)  and transitioning (stopping chemical straightening and waiting for the natural hair to grow out).

Having always cut my hair short (I always got bored of it and reached for scissors) I decided I didn’t have the patience or heart to wait for it to grow from scratch again so decided I would transition.

Transitioning for me didn’t take very long because I had last relaxed my hair in October so by the time I decided to go natural back in January  I was essentially half way through the transition (on average it takes most people around 6months to transition).

In fact, the only problem was that the relaxed hair started to stand out a lot more against my natural texture and was about 4inches while the rest was about 2inches lol. I looked straight crazy – especially considering the side hairs were longer that every other part lol.

Bantu knot outs changed my life! (will post instructions and pictures later when I do mine again)

A lot of people talk about this style, but it tends to be those with longer hair. I learned through trial and error that this was perfect for those 2inch tresses, but you have to be patient with it, and use smaller sections of hair. It takes about an hour to do my whole head, and I usually keep the bantu knot in for two days or so and then untwist on the third.

Its a life saver for short hair, and all you need is a few accessories to finish the look (see image above). That is how I wear my hair for work at the moment.

So what am i using and what is wash day like? Thats coming up next 🙂


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