during transitioning - new hair pics coming soon :)

during transitioning – new hair pics coming soon 🙂

I used to avoid wash days because of the black hair myth (my hair can’t get wet…water, the black hair kryptonite etc…) but after reading a few blogs and thinking about this, I realize that that doesn’t even make sense lol that’s like saying I won’t drink water then wandering why you’re dehydrated. Hair needs water!

I usually wash my hair on a Saturday morning (Sometimes I wash again during the week if I have to ie. after a particularly sweaty training session or obv. when my hair gets dirty.) So lets get started!

I start with the egg treatment:
1 tablespoon mayo
1 tablespoon olive oil

I message it gently into my hair and scalp and really take my time with this one. When you read blogs, they talk about parting hair into sections before washing, but at this stage, you cant really part 2inch hair lol so I tend to just start at the back massaging my way forward.


Again, a lot of patience is required if you want to make sure you get every strand. I try to avoid combing my hair when its wet but will occasionally use a wide tooth comb to go through all my hair gently to make sure its all covered. If I even feel like im about to tug a hair, I stop, de-tangle with my hands and then comb through it.

Once im happy my hair is coated, I put a plastic bag over my hair (the struggle is real folks lol). I usually keep it on for about 20-30mins while I do my chores lol As someone who can drag out cleaning my room for upwards of 4 hours – I can be REALLY slow lol – Knowing I have hair to wash makes me rush lol.

I wash my hair with cold water – so the egg doesn’t cook (disaster!) but do add a little bit of hot water so I don’t get a brain freeze again – true story lol.

I lightly dab my hair dry with a towel and then condition.


I use Dove conditioner (damage therapy range)  because it’s a product my hair has always responded well to. I love the feel and look of it afterwards. Its a conditioner you leave in for about 5-7mins, and then wash out.

I then wrap a cotton tshirt around my head to soak up the excess water.

If I have somewhere to be, I will blow dry my hair using Organic Root Stimulator heat protector and with the hair dryer on a low setting.

If it’s a day I have more time, I use Argan Oil as my sealant and moisturiser  and let it air dry. My hair tends to fall into it’s natural curl pattern, and to style, I usually just add a cute headband or scarf.

And that’s pretty much it 🙂

On the days that I have to wash  my hair during the week, I use Dove damage therapy 2 in 1shampoo and  conditioner. I massage it into my hair and scalp and only have to leave it in for about 5mins before washing out.


As a sealant, I use my Texture My Way Easy Comb as I usually do every day, and then air dry it.

Here is a lovely article about air drying tips 🙂


But thats pretty much it for my wash day 🙂 Happy Growing Folks 🙂


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